• You feel like you work your butt off and have no idea where the money goes, and aren't sure how to price yourself
  •  You are feeling stuck with posing and directing your clients
  • You feel like this is "just the way it is"
  • You are struggling with culling and editing (how to get those nice skin tones??)
  • You book whatever work comes your way, even if it's not what you want to shoot
  • You feel like you can't say 'NO"
  • You feel like your business is running your life
  • You're not sure how to show up on social media and find the whole process draining
  • You've lost the passion and excitement for your work
  • You feel like you're not clicking with your clients or not attracting your dream clients

If I'm on the right track, you're in the right place!

Does any of this sound familiar?

I'm a full time-photographer, educator, mom, and owner of Sugar + Soul Photography. I grew this little home-based business from a dream to a 6-figure company with a yearly booking waitlist, rave reviews, and a successful associate brand.  I attract the exact clients I LOVE to work with and can genuinely say that 99.9% of the time I feel amazing and fulfilled heading home from a session or wedding. 

But....it wasn't always this way.

I've been the workaholic, slugging away at my computer late into the night only to shoot all day the next day, working with clients I didn't always feel like I jived with, and wondering where the heck all my money was going at the end of each month. I had no time to spend with my family or have any downtime. I had lost all sense of who I was before I started this career, and to make matters worse, it was at the point that the hobby I once loved wasn't even fun anymore. To be absolutely frank, I loathed picking up my camera. I began to wonder if maybe I should just throw in the towel altogether. I was BURNT OUT.

If any of this resonates with you, I have good news: I was able to flip the script and rebuild my business from something I needed to get away from to one that I thrive in. And YOU CAN TOO.

Hey, I'm Melissa

A 10 week coaching program designed to help photographers like you ditch burnout, redesign their businesses and create a more fulfilling career. I show you how to pose, direct, cull and edit better and streamline your workflow, price yourself appropriately, align your business with your values, take control over your schedule, show up authentically and feel like a creator instead of a victim!


My one on one experience with Mel was terrific. I use almost every single thing she taught me every time I do a session and with her help I was able to make my workflow so much more efficient.  She answered all of my questions providing me with tips and tricks, and showed me how to correct any problem I was having. 
Our model photo session was amazing. I learned so much about posing and how to put clients at ease as well as how to get natural reactions - I still use the prompts she taught me 2 years later. 

Lacking creativity, inspiration, motivation and energy

Feeling stuck with posing and directing

Being confident in directing your clients, and getting beautiful, natural looking images

Passionately serving your clients with enthusiasm and a desire to create

Feeling like you can never stay on top of your expenses, and have no idea how much you make or spend

Conquer your money fears and be on top of your financial goals

Feeling like you aren't attracting the right clients

Booking clients you love working with (and want to hang out with!)

Being completely exhausted and overwhelmed by a neverending task list and lack of free time

Feeling empowered and in control of your schedule

What if you could go from...


To this

-Kristine Sarah Photography, mentorship client

If you’re thinking about doing a mentor session with Melissa - 10/10 highly recommend - you won’t be disappointed.

Navigate difficult client-related situations with confidence

client relations

Financial organization and how to price yourself better

PRICING +financial literacy

How to be proactive, productive, actually rest, and set yourself up for success

Get your clients prepped for sessions and learn to direct them for natural looking images

time management


Cull and edit better and faster, and streamline your business with systems that work for you


Perspective shifts and hacks to break negative thought cycles, decrease anxiety and amp up your creativity


Defining and attracting your dream clients

Getting clear on goals, planning for the future and taking action


goal setting

Creating a value based business that aligns you with your purpose and helps you stand out

Value systems

The physiology of burnout, and how creative entrepreneurs can stop it

Keeping your body as healthy as possible in this very physical career

Stress cycle

Preventing pain

All the good stuff we'll cover

Let me help you make those big changes!

this 10 week group coaching program will involve bi-weekly live calls as well as 1:1 support to help keep you accountable and on track with your progress

If the weekly scheduled calls do not fit into your schedule, not to worry! I will try and find a time that works for most, however they will still be recorded and available to watch later on your own time, and you will have opportunities for questions to be answered in between calls.

what if i can't make every live session?


You will continue to get access to the course material for 12 months after the program ends! As well as downloadable worksheets and helpful pdf's that you can keep forever, and use to keep yourself on track!

what if i can't complete the work within the 10 week timeframe?


You can work at your own pace and on your own timeline! Or stay on track with us and completely transform your business in 10 weeks!

how much time will i need to spend working on the program material in between calls?


You have the option to accelerate your business and move along in real time with the course, or take your own time in the modules and work at your own pace. If you do the work, you will see results by next busy season!

how long will it take to see results from the program?


I do offer payment plans to help spread the cost over the 10 week period. As this is the introductory launch for this program, it is being offered at an intro price, which will be increasing for the next round. Also, I will be helping you re-evaluate your financial goals and make more money per hour, so the investment will pay for itself and then some!

i am concerned about money and not sure I can invest right now. Will this be offered again?


If you have  done all the work, attended the calls/watched all of the videos, filled out all your worksheets and implemented the changes in this course, you will have a massive shift in your business (and likely your mental health) by next wedding season. If you feel like you are not able to do the work needed after 2 weeks from course start date, I will happily refund you! However once I have spent time and energy with you, if you have not decided to implement the work involved in changing your situation, I cannot be responsible for the lack of progress and thus will not be providing refunds after the 2 week trial period

what if it doesn't work for me?


Frequently Asked Questions

Hold up, wait a minute!

Are you ready to feel less stressed in your business, attract better clients, and love your career? 

join the coaching program that will transform your photography business from stressful to successful